About: Richard Orrick

A tech blog focusing around Public Cloud technologies within primarily AWS and Azure. Hopefully will help provide you with some important information (or hidden gems) that will help on your cloud journey. In the IT industry it is important to share our experiences as we have all been in that “Oh no!” moment and look for help. I will try and cover all areas, from Compute (such as EC2) to Transit Gateway and Transit VPC’s with also some on-premise experiences too.

Within my current role as a Cloud Engineer, I look to provide clients with best-fit solutions that match their needs and requirements. Solutions that range from Cloud PaaS/IaaS native solutions, Hybrid cloud with on-premise to solutions that use Public Cloud as a datacenter extension technology.

I have a strong Infrastructure background, working in multiple roles within the IT industry. Starting out within the Education sector, holding both support and management positions, with the later focusing on service delivery, strategic planning while also being responsible for solution design and delivery.

After being within one sector for a large part of my IT career and fully overhauling multiple infrastructures within large academies, I began looking for a new challenge. For this change of pace, I found myself in a role as a Infrastructure Engineer within a project delivery team at a Managed Service Provider. In this role, I was looking at  on-premise server and network infrastructures while getting more involved with cloud solutions and pushing a “cloud first” strategy.

I have worked on designing and implementing large scale LAN and CAN solutions for different sectors; Financial, Pharmaceutical and Public Attraction. All solutions are highly adaptive and have multiple layers of resiliency to meet the sites needs. Alongside delivering high performing networks, I have also designed and deployed NAC / EAC (Network Access Control). These solutions provided dynamic security, automatic switch configuration (based upon the user and/or device connected) and also providing 100% visibility of the full network no matter of size, scale or distribution.

Prior to moving to a Cloud focused role within the project delivery team, I focused on developing my knowledge and experience within Public Cloud by gaining certifications such as AWS Solutions Architect Associate and also by becoming an AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialist. Using this knowledge and my experience within on-premise infrastructure,to help deliver large scale cloud infrastructures that are highly scalable and resilient.